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“Let me start off with some facts. I am a 73 year old man who had a very physical job that required the use of my legs to move a high amount of product . In a normal day I lifted and/ or carried somewhere close to 10,000 pounds, some days close to 40,000 pounds. I basically wore out both of my knees. Having spent 13 years looking for cure after I had been told Total Knee Replacements were my only option, I search and found out about Stem Cell Therapy which led me to Dr. Mary Gendy in Torrance, Ca. (www.mysportsmd.com ) and am I glad it did. WOW! I feel so lucky I could cry. And I have numerous times at how wonderful the results have been. It has been a year now and I would say I have between 90 to 95% use as I did when I was in my 20’s. DR. GENDY GAVE ME BACK MY LIFE. I will always be eternally grateful to her. My wife says she needs a GPS tracker because I am out and about so much!”

– Fritz P., Pasadena, CA

“Dr. Gendy is amazing. For about one month, I had a sharp pain in my shoulder. As a fitness fanatic, this definitely crimped my lifestyle. I went to Dr. Gendy and she diagnosed my injury by performing an ultrasound and having me do exercises to show her the location of my pain. She spent one hour with me. Nowadays, I’m lucky if a doctor spends more than 10 minutes with me. It’s great to have a doctor who takes the time to correctly diagnose the issue and make you feel at ease. I highly recommend her services.”

– Christine S., Los Angeles, CA

“The Sports Medicine and Joint Center and Dr. Gendy are an exceptional duo. I took my son to the center for a sports-related shoulder injury and Dr. Gendy and her staff were very attentive to the needs of my son. Her examination was thorough and it is clear that she genuinely cares about her patients. I have complete faith and trust in Dr. Gendy. She is not only a leader in the world of sports medicine, but she is a compassionate person. I highly recommend the Sports Medicine and Joint Center!”

– Andrew M., Torrance, CA

“My experience with Dr. Gendy was a very positive one. She is Dr. that really listens, and wants to help you with your concerns about your body. She took A LOT OF TIME with me and explained what she thought was going on. She is kind and compassionate and knowledgeable, and even called me to see how I was doing. That is a rare quality these days, that’s the kind of doctor I have been looking for!”

– Devon G., Manhattan Beach, CA

“Thank you Dr. Gendy for getting me up and racing again. Before starting treatment with you I was barely able to walk without pain, now I am running 3 times a week and feeling great. I placed 5th in my last triathlon! Considering the orthopedist wanted to do surgery, I am so grateful that I found you. Your skill, knowledge and intuition got me up and running again! I feel like I have a new l leash on life. Thank you so much.”

-Sarah R., Redondo Beach, CA