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Stem Cell Therapy

For complex injuries PRP Therapy may be combined with Stem Cell Therapy. This in-office procedure involves taking stem cells from the patient’s fat or bone marrow and injecting them into the injury site. These stem cells work at the injured site to become healthy tissue. The types of tissue include muscle, tendon, ligament, meniscus, cartilage, and bone. The procedure is done in the office and takes about 1-2 hours, with minimal down time and quick recovery. The injections are done under ultrasound guidance so the doctor knows exactly where to inject the stem cells. Dr. Gendy has been performing these cutting edge procedures since 2007. She was involved in one of the first training programs that performed Stem Cell Therapy in the country.

PRP Eye Drops and Nasal Drops

PRP Eye Drops can help with acute and chronic eye conditions. Patients can use these drops for a variety of ocular surface disorders, including, but not limited to, dry eye syndrome, corneal erosions, and corneal implants. PRP Eye Drops are derived from the patient’s own blood. The drops contain concentrated platelets that release growth factors necessary for healing.  This is a natural alternative for patients who either have not had success with certain medications or who simply want to avoid them.

PRP Nasal Drops or Nasal Spray can help with post-surgical recovery.

Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP

Biologic treatment, such as PRP, uses cells from your own body to promote healing. Major athletes such as Tiger Woods and Troy Polamalu have had PRP treatments. We also offer Stem Cell treatment for more complex injuries. Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, is plasma containing concentrated platelets. A small mount of blood is taken from the patient and is spun down to concentrate the platelets. Platelets contain growth factors and signal the body to send in stem cells. The stem cells can become new tissue that replaces lost or damaged tissue. This PRP “graft” is rich in growth factors and is then re-injected into the site of injury in order to begin the healing process. The procedure is done under ultrasound guidance, so the doctor knows exactly where to inject.

Advantages of PRP & Stem Cell Therapy

  • SAFE: An outpatient procedure with minimal complications. A less aggressive alternative to surgery with no scarring.
  • NATURAL: PRP and Stem Cell grafts are taken from your own body.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Less expensive than surgery. 
  • SHORT RECOVERY TIME: Recovery time is shorter compared to surgery. Usually pain diminishes in about seven to ten days. Motion increases recovery and is encouraged.
  • SHORT PROCEDURE TIME: The procedure is completed in the office, usually between 1-2 hours.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

The Sports Medicine & Joint Center is using cutting-edge technology for patient evaluation and treatment. Our office uses ultrasound in the office for diagnostic and procedural purposes. Ultrasound offers “real-time” and dynamic imaging for evaluating and diagnosing musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Gendy also uses ultrasound guidance during procedures to ensure proper needle placement. She has been residency- and fellowship-trained in ultrasound.

Prolotherapy & Neural Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy involves the injection of various solutions that induce inflammation. This increases blood supply in order to stimulate tissue repair. Prolotherapy can be used to treat muscle, tendon, ligament, and even nerve injuries, such as Morton’s neuroma.

Neural prolotherapy is a technique that uses dextrose (sugar) and water for injection around small nerves under the skin surface to help relieve pain. It is very helpful in cases of chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendonitis, as well as muscle and ligament injuries.

Homeopathic Injections

Our practice offers a variety of homeopathic injections, such as Traumeel, Zeel, and Sarapin. Traumeel and Zeel are homeopathic medications that come from plants and minerals. They are natural remedies for inflammation. They come in several different forms, including oral liquid/tablet, topical cream/gel, and injectable. Traumeel treats soft tissue injuries, such as tendonitis, ligament injuries, and muscle injuries. Both Traumeel and Zeel treat joint pain, such as osteoarthritis. They have very low side-effect profiles, especially when compared to oral anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone (steroid) injections. Some of the natural ingredients include arnica, chamomile and echinacea. Sarapin is an injection that comes from the Pitcher plant. It can be used for trigger point injections as well as nerve pain.

Viscosupplement Injections

Viscosupplement injections, such as Supartz, Synvisc, and Hyalgan, are made of rooster comb and act as lubricants. These are options for osteoarthritis. They mimic joint fluid without cartilage damage. They can keep your joint moving and diminish pain.

Cortisone/Steroid Injections

Cortisone / Steroid Injections offer short term relief. However, repetitive injections can cause additional articular cartilage damage. Other treatments are available.

Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 is one of the eight B vitamins. It helps with the formation of DNA and red blood cells, maintains healthy nerves, and is important for metabolism. It naturally occurs in animal foods, such as fish, meat, and dairy. It is also found in fortified foods, such as cereals and yeasts. Low levels of Vitamin B12 can result in weakness, anemia, numbness and tingling. Our practice offers Vitamin B12 injections for patients who are looking to supplement their diet.